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Dessert Tables start at $350 and do not include any display, labels, scoops/tongs, cake stands, or any decoration. 

They are available for rental.


Pick-Up Rentals

Only previously identified individuals (name shall be added to contract) will be allowed to pick up and return rented items.

Rentals must be picked up in a secure vehicle.  A valid driver’s license for the driver, a credit card, and ID from the cardholder must be on file.  Items must be returned on your due date to avoid additional charges.  Any items missing or damaged upon return are automatically charged for replacement or late fee (additional day).  Client is to inform us upon arrival if something is damaged or missing.  


Weekday orders may be picked up the day before an event and are due back the following day.  Weekend orders may be picked up the day before an event and are due back the first following business day.  Please call with special circumstances or if you need special help.  Additional days incur an additional day's rental fee without prior approval.


Rental services require a signed Customer Agreement and 50% Non-Refundable deposit the day of booking.  Final payment is due 30 days prior to the event (See Ordering and Payment section of our Terms and Conditions). 


You may request a last-minute delivery and we will do our best to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees, and extra fees will be applied.




We offer FREE delivery and set up within 25 miles from us.  For farther distance, fees will be applied if we deliver and or set up your order.  The delivery fee is calculated based on the number of items rented, and delivery location.  A $500 minimum rental order is required to make a Saturday or Sunday delivery.


Delivery includes drop off the day of the event and pick-up on the first following business day.  Same day pick-ups incur additional fees.  Items must be stored indoors, in a secure location until pick-up.  If items are not available or accessible upon pick-up, another day's rental fee will be charged, and the customer may return the items, or schedule another pick-up time.  If you, the renter, will not be available during pick-up, it is your responsibility to coordinate with the venue to ensure all items are gathered together in the correct location.  If the customer has elected to not pay for set-up charges, then you must provide all set-up.  If the customer elected for no teardown, then all items must be torn down by the customer, replaced into the appropriate boxes. 



Round Trip Delivery

Delivery fees are assessed based on a two-trip basis (one to deliver and one to pick-up).  If additional trips are required, you will automatically be billed.  If your ceremony and reception are in two separate locations, additional delivery fees will apply.  The responsible person that was added to the contract (21 years of age or older) must be present upon delivery to sign the delivery slip and accept the items suitable for use.  Any services added at that time will be automatically charged to your account. 



Return Pick-up 

If items are not accessible to us upon pick-up, an additional day rental fee and additional trip fee will be charged, regardless of fault.  A client has the option to return items to us to avoid this fee.  It is not Sweet and Divine Baking’s (SnDB) responsibility to ensure the items are ready for pick-up. If items are not returned within the specified days, replacement fees will be assessed on top of the rental fees, no refunds, no exceptions. 



Set-Up Fees

This fee includes the set-up or installation of the rented item(s) and/or applying only the decorations that WE PROVIDE.  Fees are based on the total number of items, assembly time and decorating involvement.  We do not install or decorate with items that were not provided by us.  The set-up fee does not include breakdown, cleanup or removal.  A teardown service is available for an additional fee.



Client Set-Up 

If you opt to perform the set-up yourself, all rented items including accessories and small parts must be placed back into proper containers.  Please, do not attempt to clean or disassemble items.  Still, do not leave water in your vases and do not discard small rented items.  All the items listed on your rental, including packing materials must be returned to avoid replacement fees. 



Late Returns

If items are returned late, the customer will be charged for an additional day.  If items are not returned within 2 days and customer is not able to be reached, replacement fees will be assessed and charged to the credit card on file.

Communication is important.



Damaged/Missing Items

Renter assumes full responsibility of item/s upon possession and agrees to pay full replacement cost for lost or damaged items.  



Pricing Policies

Rental Prices are subject to change without notice.  Price quotes are valid for 14 days.  All rental prices are non-negotiable.



Credit Card Terms

A valid and current credit card must be kept on file.  The credit card will be used for rental, damages, missing items, late fees, replacement fees, cleaning fees, or added services as outlined above. 

If you submit a check that is subsequently returned, you will be required to pay in cash or credit card only, and a $30 fee is assessed on all returned checks.  



Payment for Damaged/Missing Items

When you return your items, SnDB will check them thoroughly; any missing or damaged items are subject to our terms and conditions, and rules.  This will be done by our staff; Sweet and Divine Baking will notify you within one week of the event if damages are discovered, or items are found to be missing upon sorting and counting.  


Photos of damages will be submitted as proof upon request.  If damaged items are not paid for within 7 days, the credit card on file will be billed, unless payment arrangements have been set-

up.  Checks are NOT accepted, for any reason, after the day of the event.


Orders and Changes

All order/service changes must be placed in writing, faxed or emailed as to avoid any confusion.  A detailed invoice will be submitted following any changes to your order by email or fax.  Emails are considered legal and binding and do not require a signature to be valid.  If changes are made the day of the event, the responsible party must sign for them upon delivery, pay with cash, or the credit card will be billed automatically.  Changes may be allowed based on availability.  



Please be aware that once the contract is signed, and your event date scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-refundable.  Please, refer to the Changes and Cancelation section on our Terms and Conditions for more details.


Photography Release

By signing this agreement, you give Sweet and Divine Baking (SnDB) permission to use the photos that we take or obtain at or from your event on our website and advertisements, materials, etc, with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way.


Non-Payment/Breach of Contract

No services contained in this contract will be rendered, delivered, or available if balance is not paid, in full, 30 days before to your event. 

If payments are not received by the due date, and the credit card on file becomes invalid, expires, or we are unable to authorize it, your non-payment will be considered a breach of contract, and all previous payments are forfeited.


If payment is not received in a timely manner, we will consider your rented items and services available for another client’s use.  SnDB is not contractually obligated to accept payments beyond the due date, nor refund previous payments.  We will schedule another client’s event on your event date if we have been unsuccessful in contacting you or obtaining a response from you regarding payment.

We will attempt to contact you using all phone number s, email addresses and fax numbers provided.



Outside Decorators

If you, your family members, or your friends are opting to decorate yourself, or use your own decorator, such person(s) are also required to abide by our Terms, Conditions, and Rules, but you (the client) will be held responsible for misused, damaged or missing items.



Preparation and Room Readiness

It is your responsibility (the client) to guarantee that tables, linens, containers or other items are clean and in place before we arrive at the venue and can properly set-up your rentals or we may have to simply drop off items and proceed to another event with no refunds being issued for paid set-up fees.  

Please provide a telephone number for your Coordinator or family member who is in charge on the day of the event, to discuss any types of issues, should they arise.



We do not provide the table, table linen, dessert plates or napkins



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